• Freedom’s Song

      When you hear the word “freedom” what comes to mind? For me, it’s carefree, joyful, no rules and if I thought about it, my list could continue! But what if “freedom” meant not being affected by; meant being released; meant relief; meant a change of life; meant escape; meant not being enslaved? What if… [Continue Reading]

    Freedom’s Song
  • The Natal Midlands

      Ask South Africans where they want to go on holiday and many will pick the touristy places – Cape Town, The Garden Route, Knysna, Kenton, the North or South Coast, the berg or the bush. We live in a tiny town somewhere between Jo’burg and Durban which many people don’t even know exists. But… [Continue Reading]

    The Natal Midlands
  • Back on the Bedroom Floor

      Back here again. In the dark room. Behind a closed door. On the floor. My head in my hands. Trying to escape the noise.   The floor was strangely familiar. It didn’t feel that long ago that I sat here. Waiting to calm down. Escaping life. Opting out of my responsibilities. This time was… [Continue Reading]

    Back on the Bedroom Floor
  • In Love: PrintWild Canvases

      I am a photo person. My walls are peppered with photos – big, large and small. I love the story they tell. The memories attached to each. Time captured in a frame. I think there is something lost in the age of digital media. Our children will never know the joy of taking a… [Continue Reading]

    In Love: PrintWild Canvases
  • A Life Update

      How strange it feels to sit with my fingers resting on keys again. Hello. It’s been awhile.   I thought I’d give you a little update. I’m not sure if this is hello again. Or goodbye. The truth is, I don’t know much anymore. So many things feel uncertain. And trying to figure things… [Continue Reading]

    A Life Update
  • Highgate Boutique Hotel

      Some people aren’t ones for celebration. When birthdays roll around, they really couldn’t care if they get a call or a box of chocolates. Some people forget the day their lives changed when they committed to love another for the rest of their lives with an “I do!”   And maybe more than a… [Continue Reading]

    Highgate Boutique Hotel
  • A Happy, New Year?

      Have you found that your social media posts and email inboxes have been flooded with “New Year, New You” posts or hacks on how to create new habits. Planners fill the shelves at shops or the side tabs of pop-up adverts. When the first days of January hit, many of us spring into organisation… [Continue Reading]

    A Happy, New Year?
  • The Weary World Rejoices

      Anticipating Christmas and the season has always taken up a lot of mental space. When I was a child, I’d start planning from July and would start secretly stashing things away in a cupboard. I held steadfastly to every tradition we had ever started and was incensed when my mom changed the coloured lights… [Continue Reading]

    The Weary World Rejoices
  • Made to Need You

      I cried when I watched a performance in Night of the Proms. I think it was Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. The voices of hundreds filled the Royal Albert Hall. A throng, shoulder-to-shoulder in Hyde Park. All voices lifted. Cares set aside for an evening. Everyone just singing together and having a marvellous… [Continue Reading]

    Made to Need You
  • The Day We Won’t Forget

      I wasn’t at home that day. My mom was obviously working late and had been unable to fetch us from school. My dad was about five hours away at a conference. We had been picked up by a family friend. Going to her house was always fun! There was a lovely garden to play… [Continue Reading]

    The Day We Won’t Forget