• The Weary World Rejoices

      Anticipating Christmas and the season has always taken up a lot of mental space. When I was a child, I’d start planning from July and would start secretly stashing things away in a cupboard. I held steadfastly to every tradition we had ever started and was incensed when my mom changed the coloured lights… [Continue Reading]

    The Weary World Rejoices
  • Made to Need You

      I cried when I watched a performance in Night of the Proms. I think it was Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. The voices of hundreds filled the Royal Albert Hall. A throng, shoulder-to-shoulder in Hyde Park. All voices lifted. Cares set aside for an evening. Everyone just singing together and having a marvellous… [Continue Reading]

    Made to Need You
  • The Day We Won’t Forget

      I wasn’t at home that day. My mom was obviously working late and had been unable to fetch us from school. My dad was about five hours away at a conference. We had been picked up by a family friend. Going to her house was always fun! There was a lovely garden to play… [Continue Reading]

    The Day We Won’t Forget
  • My Unseen Addiction

      People fascinate me. And I just love them. I am an extrovert. I thrive on being around people. In fact, when I moved out of my parents’ house, I couldn’t handle the silence when I came home from work. I used to turn the T.V. on for some “company.” I didn’t watch anything –… [Continue Reading]

    My Unseen Addiction
  • Riots in Durban

      I have been waiting until I find the right words before posting anything about the week we have just endured. I’m still waiting, I’m worried that I have lost the ability to transfer thoughts to words as I’m just a swirl of emotions contained in a human exterior. So now I’m just going to… [Continue Reading]

    Riots in Durban
  • Meet Ros

      Ros and I connected over Instagram.  With a handle like “This Higgeldy Piggeldy Life,” how could I not notice her?!? We realised we grew up in a similar neighbourhood. Ros’ account brings me so much joy! She documents the raw, real moments of life that we can all relate to such as burning rice… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Ros
  • KZN Riots

        Each day we take for granted. Like it’s owed to us. Each morning that we wake up, we aren’t surprised and often don’t give it a second thought what a blessing it is to be able to draw in a breath, hear the birds and see the sky. We sigh as we try… [Continue Reading]

    KZN Riots
  • Dairy Cow

      When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to flip through any magazines, books, pamphlets…anything baby related that I could get my hands on. I’m sure most of us who have been fantasising about having a baby all cast a glance at the mothering magazines fondly. Sometimes, we’d even pretend we were actually… [Continue Reading]

    Dairy Cow
  • Dear Dad

      Dear Dad,   Or should I call you Mr Fixit? Or Mr Maker? Or Mr Inventive? Or Mr Fun? Or My Pastor? Or My Hero? Over the last 30+ years of my life, you have worn many hats.   You could fix anything. From Mom’s hairdryer to the toaster. You even fixed my Ken’s… [Continue Reading]

    Dear Dad
  • Cooking on a Low Budget

      We’re all tired of hearing it but…Covid. Truth is, more of us are struggling than before. If you’re a Stay-at-Home mommy, chances are you’re surviving off one salary. And for some of you, things are just tight for various reasons.   In our case, we’ve made the choice for me to be at home… [Continue Reading]

    Cooking on a Low Budget