• Good, Clean Sex

      “Sex is good!” were the first words out of the lady’s mouth at a Christian school. Boys hooted and applauded at the back. I was reeling! Did I hear right?? I began to question the judgement of the staff who called in this speaker and wondered whether they were cringing in their seats at… [Continue Reading]

    Good, Clean Sex
  • Chores For Children

      Chores. It’s probably a word we all have some degree of dislike for. A word that probably tainted a part of your day in childhood – unless your parents made it super interesting. It’s certainly a word that leaves a sour taste in my mouth as an adult! But, here’s a little story…  … [Continue Reading]

    Chores For Children
  • The Wee, Small Hours

      “In the wee, small hours of the morning when the whole, wide world is fast asleep…” The first words of this song (not the rest of it) come to mind as I think about the early hours of the morning when it’s just me wrapped up in a fluffy dressing gown with a hot… [Continue Reading]

    The Wee, Small Hours
  • Helping a New Mom

      There’s nothing like a newborn! That soft head of hair peeking out of a receiving blanket. The peaceful breathing through parted heart-shaped lips. The smell we all know and love – the one we all associate with a brand new baby. The soft breath on you neck when you cuddle the warm bundle. The… [Continue Reading]

    Helping a New Mom
  • The Ugly Truth

      Motherhood, being a mommy was my second life goal from my earliest memory of buying disposables for my dolls. (Marriage was my first, in case you’re wondering.) Much to my secret shame at the time, I played with dolls into high school, hiding them in an outside room so my friends didn’t know. I… [Continue Reading]

    The Ugly Truth
  • It’s A Crazy Life

      I think that just about sums it up! It’s a crazy, crazy life! Where to start?!? Well, firstly I’ll make the excuse that because my life has been that crazy, I haven’t written a blog post! Here is why… If life wasn’t busy enough with a toddler under two, add a baby to the mix.… [Continue Reading]

    It’s A Crazy Life
  • Man of the Moment

      To the Man of the Moment,   My heart swells when I see you ‘dad’. I never get tired of watching you with our girls. I melted as your big, strong hands cradled our newborn’s dark head with “old hat” confidence and the way you soothed her gently with your deep lullaby. You have… [Continue Reading]

    Man of the Moment
  • Dear C-Section Mom

    Photo Credit: Katie Lacer   Dear C-section Mom,   I understand. I’ve been there. You are not alone. I hear you. I see you. You are not alone. You don’t have to tell me how hard it is. I know. I see your tears. I know the pain. And I understand. I know it’s hard… [Continue Reading]

    Dear C-Section Mom
  • Our Other Surprise(Part 2)

      I had a feeling that this baby would come early. Somehow, although I had pleaded with the gynae to let me go into natural labour so that I didn’t have to choose my child’s birthday and so that I knew the baby was ready to come, I didn’t see us lasting until 39 weeks.… [Continue Reading]

    Our Other Surprise(Part 2)
  • Our Other Surprise(Part 1)

      I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet lately. Things have been, well, busy! As many of you know, I wrote about our other surprise in the post It’s A…nother Surprise. I found out that I was pregnant with our second baby in August last year. And we were surprised that I was expecting again so soon! My… [Continue Reading]

    Our Other Surprise(Part 1)