• In Limbo

      Ever had a cancelled flight? A long layover? A 20+ hour journey home?   As you sit on the hard bench with the “ding-dong” sound of flight numbers being announced and passengers who are MIA, you watch the clock tick. The hands move slowly, too slowly. You might wander aimlessly though the shops, picking… [Continue Reading]

    In Limbo
  • Oh Twoodles!

      I can’t believe that you are no longer my baby. Although I’ve known it for a while, it’s now staring me in the face as you clock over to 2!   So much has happened since that Wednesday morning two years ago. We had spent the weekend before wondering whether you’d make an appearance,… [Continue Reading]

    Oh Twoodles!
  • Refining in the Fire

      If you’re anything like me, I love a good “heartstring-tugging” story. It’s a good one if it taps into my emotions and maybe makes me cry a little. Why?   Because it’s how life goes. I can relate. I can engage. I can empathise.   When I write, I get more feedback on posts… [Continue Reading]

    Refining in the Fire
  • Family Valentine’s Ideas

      I am a sucker for fun things to do with my family! I love having a plan. I love spoiling people. I love gifting people with surprises, experiences and gifts. So, naturally, a day to spoil is right up my alley! It may be commercialised. Yes, I should show my family love everyday. But… [Continue Reading]

    Family Valentine’s Ideas
  • Free Valentine’s Dates

      I love any excuse to celebrate! I love birthdays. I love Christmas. I love gifts. It’s consistently been one of my top two love languages. Valentine’s Day, although never celebrated by my family, has been something I’ve loved celebrating. I love all things flowers, roses, chocolates and hearts. I loved Valentine’s civvies days (who… [Continue Reading]

    Free Valentine’s Dates
  • Diary of a Parent

      Feeling all the feels this week!   Monday Two more sleeps until Older goes to school. Like every parent, I can’t believe that this day is upon us so quickly. I have mixed emotions. For a long time I’ve wanted to be the parent. I stood at my classroom door watching parents bring their… [Continue Reading]

    Diary of a Parent
  • From a Teacher to Parents

      The first day of school is exciting but can also be hard for everyone. Parents have to swallow the fact that their kiddies are growing up. Teachers have to teach all the rules again and get to know a new set of kids and, believe it or not, we’re not all extroverts, so meeting… [Continue Reading]

    From a Teacher to Parents
  • Tips for Blog Planning

      Isn’t it wonderful that anyone can write these days? No aspiring writer has to hope that their thoughts will be considered worthwhile enough to be published. Anyone can create a WordPress account and tap out their musings in their little space on the Internet for others to read.   I have always wanted to… [Continue Reading]

    Tips for Blog Planning
  • The Truth: Where I Am

      2020. The year many of us are glad to see the back of. The year that no one alive will ever forget. The year that, if you had told us in 2019, we wouldn’t see anyone smile in public again or that we wouldn’t be allowed to gather together, we would’ve thought you were… [Continue Reading]

    The Truth: Where I Am
  • Be The Light, Mommy

      It’s one thing to talk the talk. It’s another to walk the walk. Every mother has good intentions to be the best mother to her children that she possibly can be. But when the cereal hits the ceiling, it reveals our hearts and who we truly are, not just as a mother, but as… [Continue Reading]

    Be The Light, Mommy