• Raising Bonus Kids

      I like to believe that some parents end up raising bonus blessing because God gets so impressed with our parenting skills that He just has to expose them to more children. I have been a deputy parent for over a year and a half now and it has been quite a learning curve. I… [Continue Reading]

    Raising Bonus Kids
  • Meet Tshepiso

      I confess that I know very little about Tshepiso. I have followed her on Instagram for a while (as one does) but one day I stumbled across her blog post, 3 Reasons Why Peppa Pig is Banned in our House and I knew this was my kind of mother! Not because I despise Peppa… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Tshepiso
  • An Appeal

      Dear South African,   Some of you take life’s trials in your stride and choose not to be sunk by the wave rather to ride it out. I wish I could pick up my surfboard like you! By contrast, each day when I open my eyes, I feel a sinking despair. The nightmare is… [Continue Reading]

    An Appeal
  • Singleness and the Church

      I’ve always liked the construction “if anyone had told me XYZ when I was younger, I would have….” For example, if you had told my five-year-old self that some day I would not live in the same house as my parents, I would have cried. If you told me that I wouldn’t want to,… [Continue Reading]

    Singleness and the Church
  • Meet Amy

      Amy has shared my room, shared my toys and shared my life. We also happen to share parents. I have many fond memories of washing dolls’ clothes in the baby bath outside and ironing them with a rolling pin; riding bikes up and down the driveway while we brainstormed what to do next and… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Amy
  • The [Human] Race

      Race by definition has different meanings. See the word without “human” in front and the way you read the word will depend on who you are. If you are an sprinter, your mind may first dash to the track. If you add the word “human”, many take that to mean mankind. If you are… [Continue Reading]

    The [Human] Race
  • Colour Blind

      Last year, I started wearing glasses for the very first time. I remember walking out of the optometrist’s office, struck by how I could see everything SO clearly. The Autumn leaves grasping at their branches were no longer a collision of fiery, Pollock-style brushstrokes. I could see each individual leaf. My vision was HD,… [Continue Reading]

    Colour Blind
  • Meet Danielle

      Danielle was a friend of a friend in school. I saw her once a year at birthday parties. We slowly got to know each other better and she spent the night at my house after the matric dance with a group of friends. I followed her closely on Facebook when she and her hubby… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Danielle
  • The Yes/No Mom

      I have known both these precious moms, Kate and Steph, for much of their lives. (See The No Mom and The Yes Mom) I remember the play dates, the accounts of playground princess games and their mutual love for Jesus. Both fathers were – and are – in full time ministry, so both in… [Continue Reading]

    The Yes/No Mom
  • Meet Francie

      Francie (A.K.A Mom) has known me longer than anyone else who has walked the earth. This amazing woman raised me! I have many memories of her being at stay-at-home mom making crunchies and lemon juice. She would bring us tea in our tea sets while we played Barbies and bake her legendary chocolate cake… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Francie