• Eating Humble Pie

      I like pies. Most pies. But not humble pie. It tastes bitter. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Each bite I take met lang tande. It’s tough to chew over and hard to swallow. It’s not easy to digest. But, I unfortunately have to admit that it’s good for me. It nourishes me.… [Continue Reading]

    Eating Humble Pie
  • Dear Baby

      Dear Baby,   I watch you lying on the floor learning to co-ordinate your movements to grasp the toys dangling above your head. When I leave the room and come back, you leave your trance, catch my eye and your face bursts into a sunny smile. On the odd occasion that I kneel down… [Continue Reading]

    Dear Baby
  • What Do You Want?

      Black. Women in black. South African women in black. South African women in black during the first week of September. Mourning the loss of dignity. Mourning the loss of respect. Mourning the loss of the female race. Mourning the loss of lives. #Enough is Enough!   I stay away from the news. Maybe it’s… [Continue Reading]

    What Do You Want?
  • 5 Baby Must-Have’s

      I’m sure if we all look back to those early pregnancy days, we fantasised about all the wonderful things we wanted to purchase to make the arrival of our little one perfect. Maybe it was the giant, plush elephant online or that gorgeous onesie with the words “Mommy’s little Tweetheart” and two kissing birds… [Continue Reading]

    5 Baby Must-Have’s
  • Fun Fine Motor Activities

      Small movements, guys. That’s basically what it is. And its development was something that, as a preschool teacher, I regularly observed and watched for. Sometimes children blew my mind with the precision of their cutting skills. Their cutting was almost as good as my cutting – maybe that’s not saying much… Other times, I… [Continue Reading]

    Fun Fine Motor Activities
  • 5 Tips For a New Mom

      “Momming” is flipping hard! And sometimes, it would have been helpful to have a heads-up! So, ladies, in all seriousness, here are some things I wish I could tell other mothers to make their first time experience that much easier!   Choose your people Eish! This one is hard. This has caused me to… [Continue Reading]

    5 Tips For a New Mom
  • A Hairy Maclary Party

      When my one-and-a-half year-old opened a box set of Hairy Maclary at Christmas, I had every intention to put them away for when she was older. Words such as “footle” and “bumptious” were no more likely to be in her storehouse of words than they were to be in mine. I had to summon… [Continue Reading]

    A Hairy Maclary Party
  • I’ve Judged You

        I’ve judged you. Yes, you! When I saw you in the shopping centre, when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed or when I met you. When I see you every week, when I invite you over or when I go to your house. You are not exempt. I might know you. I… [Continue Reading]

    I’ve Judged You
  • Two Years of You!

      730 days – you have blessed the lives of more than you know. 2 years ago Daddy and I were supposed to be going to a baby shower and a wedding. It was a full weekend! But, it became a busy weekend for a different reason. You arrived! We weren’t expecting you for another… [Continue Reading]

    Two Years of You!
  • Good, Clean Sex

      “Sex is good!” were the first words out of the lady’s mouth at a Christian school. Boys hooted and applauded at the back. I was reeling! Did I hear right?? I began to question the judgement of the staff who called in this speaker and wondered whether they were cringing in their seats at… [Continue Reading]

    Good, Clean Sex