• New Year, New You

      I don’t know about you but it seems that 2019 was a hard year for a lot of people. Most people I speak to say that they were glad to see the back of it. I am one of them. 2019 has trumped all the other hard years that I thought I’ve had before.… [Continue Reading]

    New Year, New You
  • Independent Play

      A few hours free each day ALL FOR YOU, ALONE, is any mother’s dream. We love our kids and could not live without them. But we could all do with a good hour on our own at least once a day right?!?   I don’t know about you, but I would go mental (if… [Continue Reading]

    Independent Play
  • Claus Man or Cross Man

      Christmas as a child was a day that I spent the year waiting for. It was even better than my birthday because everyone was celebrating. There was good food the whole day instead of just at dinner. There was always something exciting to do – opening stockings; unwrapping a new outfit under the tree;… [Continue Reading]

    Claus Man or Cross Man
  • Losing Baby Crew

      As I was scrolling through Instagram today, I came across a story that rocked my world. And, as a mom, it made me dissolve into tears within minutes of reading. I had seen a few people share various posts but, when I tried to find out why this mother’s baby was hooked up to… [Continue Reading]

    Losing Baby Crew
  • The Innkeeper’s Son (3)

      The velvet blackness of the sky was punctuated by brilliant starlight. The galaxies swirled above the men on the hill in the crispness of the night air. It was cold. Golden sparks danced above the flames as the fire crackled noisily. Jacob reclined on his side, warming himself beside the flames. He tilted his… [Continue Reading]

    The Innkeeper’s Son (3)
  • The Innkeeper’s Son (2)

      The colours of dawn streaked the sky in hues of pink, blue and mauve. A cool, gentle breeze tousled the trees and birds twittered softly. Not a voice could be heard as Benjamin shifted silently off his mat.   Eli was gone.   Benjamin’s heart skipped a beat as he frantically dashed outside, the… [Continue Reading]

    The Innkeeper’s Son (2)
  • The Innkeeper’s Son (1)

      Eli blindly tossed the straw around on the musty floor of the stable completely oblivious to the lowing of the cattle around him. A hen or two skittered around him as the dust stirred and swirled in the air. Eli worked vigorously, his muscles taut in his arms weathered from hard work. He stopped… [Continue Reading]

    The Innkeeper’s Son (1)
  • #I’m Staying

      Green and gold mean nothing to most people in the world. But to a certain group of people, they are colours that unite a nation. I never liked sport growing up. Rugby didn’t interest me in the least. It was only worth my while if it meant an outing to see friends, scoring a… [Continue Reading]

    #I’m Staying
  • Talking to Kids About Porn

      It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. If your child has access to a phone, a laptop, a computer, a tablet, a gaming station or a TV, your child has access to pornography.   Let me put that into perspective for you. If your five-year-old watches Paw Patrol on your… [Continue Reading]

    Talking to Kids About Porn
  • The Face Behind the Hats

      Maybe I’ve been dubbed “The Hat Lady” behind closed doors. To tell you the truth, I don’t even wear hats. Except, I suppose, the figurative ones we all talk about. Hats aside, here’s a little bit about The Face Behind The Hats…   I am a P.K. Don’t know what that is? Neither did… [Continue Reading]

    The Face Behind the Hats