• The List Lady

      If you are an A-type personality like me, you will know that organisation, cleanliness and control are things that keep us ticking. Lists in linear form make us feel motivated. At least, that’s the case with me. We can’t think in a chaotic environment and our brains feel confused and stressed when there is… [Continue Reading]

    The List Lady
  • Postnatal Depression

      My daughter didn’t know what had just happened. An empty cup hurtled over her head and her mommy screamed at her. She broke down in confused and frightened tears as I left the room. I flopped down on the couch in the study, my lower lip trembling, and murmured, “I need a break…” to… [Continue Reading]

    Postnatal Depression
  • Zone Cleaning

      Housework is overwhelming on a good day. Everyday, if you’re anything like me, a laundry Mount Everest looms on a spare couch or bed; the dishes balance at precarious angles next to the sink and your kids draw pictures in the layer of dust on the coffee tables. It’s bad enough trying to stay… [Continue Reading]

    Zone Cleaning
  • My Daily Routine

      Some have called me Super Woman. But truthfully, I’m not. And I never feel like Super Woman no matter how hard I aspire to be her.   With two tinies zooming around the house and unpacking everything I’ve picked up or following me at my heels and grasping at my pant legs, life is pretty… [Continue Reading]

    My Daily Routine
  • Dear Mr President

      Dear Mr President,   Words fail me as I sit here mid-lockdown to write this letter. It will not be eloquent. But I would like to think that it expresses what many South Africans think of you.   A month ago, our world as we knew it was turned on its head. What started… [Continue Reading]

    Dear Mr President
  • Walking a Tightrope

      As a little girl, I had a short list of possible dream professions. A teacher; a singer; an author; a counsellor for women considering abortion and a trapeze artist. An interesting conglomeration of fields! The trapeze artist was probably the most short-lived dream and yet probably something I needed the most training in. I… [Continue Reading]

    Walking a Tightrope
  • Easter Ideas for Kids

      I don’t know about you but I’m tired of bunny and Easter egg crafts! They get old. Apart from which, if you’re like me, it would be nice to find more than the odd idea on how to make Jesus’ death and resurrection the centre of Easter rather than just a story tacked on… [Continue Reading]

    Easter Ideas for Kids
  • A Christian During COVID

      The world has been thrown into chaos. There doesn’t seem to be an escape. No matter where we go, we will find masks, isolation, quarantine, hand sanitiser and elbow bumping all because of a mutation of flu. It has sent the world into panic. And I confess, it’s hard not to be “of the… [Continue Reading]

    A Christian During COVID
  • As Lockdown Approaches

      We all woke up this morning I bet, knowing that we have one final day of freedom to go beyond the boundary without any restrictions. Well, I took it and went out into the fresh, clean air of the new day for a walk before the kiddies got up. I cherish my morning walk in… [Continue Reading]

    As Lockdown Approaches
  • We’ve Got Today

      Can I just say that I am thankful today! Guys, this is amazing for my scaredy-cat self! I am thankful for our president and his cabinet today! I am SO impressed with his proactive and, frankly, brilliant address to our nation on Sunday night! If you haven’t watched it but know the details, still… [Continue Reading]

    We’ve Got Today