• Cooking on a Low Budget

      We’re all tired of hearing it but…Covid. Truth is, more of us are struggling than before. If you’re a Stay-at-Home mommy, chances are you’re surviving off one salary. And for some of you, things are just tight for various reasons.   In our case, we’ve made the choice for me to be at home… [Continue Reading]

    Cooking on a Low Budget
  • What Did You Expect?

      Someone once asked me what things surprised me about motherhood. I guess it all comes down to expectations. What we are fed by those around us; the things other people imply about our mothering skills and our own mental checklist of expectations. It all begins before conception. Those of us wishing to having children… [Continue Reading]

    What Did You Expect?
  • Dear Mom

      I think the word “Mom” defines the person taken most for granted in this world. The person who has a thankless job. The person who does everything and yet no one notices anything. The person who is always busy. The person who does the dirty work, the long hours and the hard slog.  … [Continue Reading]

    Dear Mom
  • When The Bride Speaks

      Many of you might be surprised to see the bride doing a speech which is quite unconventional. But then again, when the bride is a very talkative person, this shouldn’t surprise you!   The bride is often the person who steals the limelight on a wedding day. But truthfully, it’s not hers alone. This… [Continue Reading]

    When The Bride Speaks
  • Will You Marry Me?

      It had become a bit of a tradition to go to the coast for the day after my exams. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary to organise a day of shopping, beach and dinner. But, it had been 7 years! I had finished my studies – something my parents had insisted on before getting… [Continue Reading]

    Will You Marry Me?
  • 2560 Days Dating

      Mere days after our relationship began, we went on holiday. And in the car, I had an epileptic fit. I messaged him to tell him and he typed out a crude word which, to this day, I remember where I was standing in my gran’s house when I read it. I suddenly wondered, being… [Continue Reading]

    2560 Days Dating
  • Are You my Girlfriend?

      I have always loved a good romance right from my early years. It started with Disney, Prince Charming, princesses and kisses. When I Ieft primary school, I wanted a boyfriend. Soon, I had my first “serious” one – my childhood sweetheart. However, attending a private boys’ school meant that rugby, soccer and his mates… [Continue Reading]

    Are You my Girlfriend?
  • You’ll Be a Good Mom

      “You’ll be a good mom,” I was told. “You’re good with kids.”   I thought so too. I was confident. Collected. Loved babysitting. Fought to hold babies at church. I started bathing a friend’s baby on my own when I was 10 years old and then proceeded to babysit all four of her girls.… [Continue Reading]

    You’ll Be a Good Mom
  • In Limbo

      Ever had a cancelled flight? A long layover? A 20+ hour journey home?   As you sit on the hard bench with the “ding-dong” sound of flight numbers being announced and passengers who are MIA, you watch the clock tick. The hands move slowly, too slowly. You might wander aimlessly though the shops, picking… [Continue Reading]

    In Limbo
  • Oh Twoodles!

      I can’t believe that you are no longer my baby. Although I’ve known it for a while, it’s now staring me in the face as you clock over to 2!   So much has happened since that Wednesday morning two years ago. We had spent the weekend before wondering whether you’d make an appearance,… [Continue Reading]

    Oh Twoodles!