• Tips for Blog Planning

      Isn’t it wonderful that anyone can write these days? No aspiring writer has to hope that their thoughts will be considered worthwhile enough to be published. Anyone can create a WordPress account and tap out their musings in their little space on the Internet for others to read.   I have always wanted to… [Continue Reading]

    Tips for Blog Planning
  • The Truth: Where I Am

      2020. The year many of us are glad to see the back of. The year that no one alive will ever forget. The year that, if you had told us in 2019, we wouldn’t see anyone smile in public again or that we wouldn’t be allowed to gather together, we would’ve thought you were… [Continue Reading]

    The Truth: Where I Am
  • Be The Light, Mommy

      It’s one thing to talk the talk. It’s another to walk the walk. Every mother has good intentions to be the best mother to her children that she possibly can be. But when the cereal hits the ceiling, it reveals our hearts and who we truly are, not just as a mother, but as… [Continue Reading]

    Be The Light, Mommy
  • Momming the Gospel

      I can’t pretend that I haven’t felt a bit frustrated in the journey of motherhood. I haven’t found it as fulfilling or stimulating as I thought I might have and, quite frankly, it took a lot for me to admit that to all of you. I feel ungrateful. I chide myself for wishing my… [Continue Reading]

    Momming the Gospel
  • Quiet Times with Kids

      GUEST POST “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” – Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT   These are the words that carry me as I navigate life as an individual – who… [Continue Reading]

    Quiet Times with Kids
  • Meet Kabelo

      I came across Kabelo’s account when Black Lives Matter was trending on Instagram earlier this year (after the death of George Floyd) and then subsequently amongst the mom blogging community. I was struck by her honest and challenging posts that despite saying what needed to be said, had such a humility and godliness within… [Continue Reading]

    Meet Kabelo
  • Keeping Kids Safe Online

      The Worldwide Web is just that. A web. It’s intriguing, beautiful, mysterious, alluring, dangerous, deadly, intricate and detailed. It draws us in, enchants us and delights us. But there is a much more sinister side that involves dabbling with danger and even death.   While I love the internet and use it every day,… [Continue Reading]

    Keeping Kids Safe Online
  • Objectification of Women

      You don’t need to look hard to find a woman’s body plastered on a billboard baring a bronze leg and boasting a large bust. Ask any guy – they’ve seen porn that displays the bodies of women like items in the windows of an online store.  Ask any girl and they could probably tell… [Continue Reading]

    Objectification of Women
  • ‘Cuties’ Film (Part 2)

      In my previous post, I gave you a run down of the movie and the underlying messages Doucouré sought to convey. I must confess I sat down to watch with skepticism and armed with a pen and notepad. Although I now see she intended to comment on the sexualisation of children rather than promote… [Continue Reading]

    ‘Cuties’ Film (Part 2)
  • ‘Cuties’ Film (Part 1)

      #CancelNetflix has been trending on social media in the last few weeks when the controversial movie, Cuties directed by Maïmouna Doucouré made its debut on Netflix in early September. Many have taken to social media to slate the film and demand that Netflix take the movie down. Netflix have responded with apology for the… [Continue Reading]

    ‘Cuties’ Film (Part 1)