I am a photo person. My walls are peppered with photos – big, large and small. I love the story they tell. The memories attached to each. Time captured in a frame. I think there is something lost in the age of digital media.

Our children will never know the joy of taking a spool to the photo shop to be developed and the anticipation of waiting for the envelope containing some good, some bad and some indistinguishable pictures in hard copy. Nor will they know the beauty of paging through photo albums at their leisure, reminiscing about their childhood.


When Paul from PrintWild contacted me and asked if I’d like to print an image onto canvas, I was all ears! They are a company based in Ballito and have been in the industry for the last 20 years – long enough to make them the first online wall company in South Africa. So they definitely know their stuff!


Let me just say, if you are looking to print photos of family, pictures from travels or snaps of your cats, dogs or backyard, these are the guys!

Paul’s emails were prompt and he was so accommodating. In all my dealings with him and his colleagues, I felt like I mattered and wasn’t “just another client.”


As for ordering through their website, it was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done online! Their home page is straightforward and I didn’t have to search in a drop down menu to find what I wanted. If I have to do that, I’m already put off the website.

I didn’t have to create an account or login – another thing that puts me off! It was as straightforward as selecting premium canvas prints and uploading the images straight from my computer and proceeding to checkout. That was it! The whole lot from start to finish took me under ten minutes. If you’re not quite sure what canvas you want, there is a page dedicated to informing you so that you can make the choice best suited to you.


And then, if that isn’t enough, I got emails every step of the way so I knew exactly what was happening all the time. One to say my order was received. The next to say payment was received. Another to say that my images were printed. A fourth to say that they were mounted. And a final one to say that they were en route. I ordered my prints on Thursday night. They were at my front door by Monday morning. People, if that isn’t customer service, then I don’t know what is!


When I unwrapped them from their snug fit in bubble wrap, I was super impressed! They were not only exquisite but the canvas was also mounted on a wood board over the frame to make it more durable.


I am in love with these canvases and know they will be a well-loved feature in my home for many years to come! (They even survived a tumble from the unsteady, existing picture hook on the wall – I was anxious to have them up!) These beautiful canvases are a must for a present or for just a “me-gift” for your home. Go and order yours. You know you want to!


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