It had become a bit of a tradition to go to the coast for the day after my exams. So it wasn’t out of the ordinary to organise a day of shopping, beach and dinner.

But, it had been 7 years! I had finished my studies – something my parents had insisted on before getting married. This was the perfect opportunity.


Like every girl, I had my perfect proposal in my head. Several years before, I had even written out several “perfect proposals.” All I knew was, I wanted red roses. I wanted lots of people there (preferably family and friends.) I wanted him to be dressed up – suit preferably. And I wanted a fancy restaurant with a view or on the beach.

All of these were perfectly possible! But, I tried not to psyche myself up too much. Imagine the disappointment if it didn’t happen.


We started off the morning at a shopping centre. I can’t remember what I needed but I wanted some clothes. He seemed edgy to keep moving. Hmm…


I remember he bought some expensive chocolate and a CD of bird calls. Secretly, I was annoyed. He had said that he didn’t have enough for a ring. Well you can save every wretched cent rather than spend it on fancy confectionary and whistling birds!

We tried going onto the beach but the sand stung our legs. At that point, the proposal I’d been waiting for all day seemed improbable, especially on a windy day sheltering amongst sand bags on the beach. We had parked on the uphill of a very busy road – the main access point to the beach. The likelihood of a diamond ring tucked away in the cubby hole and left in the car would be irresponsible. If I were a guy, I wouldn’t let it out of my sight.

It was unpleasant on the beach and we had time to kill. I was feeling tired so we found an empty parking lot overlooking the waves to park the car. We chatted a bit and then I took a nap.

As we drove off to eat dinner, there was a small part of me that still hoped for a proposal but I was beginning to doubt it.

Things got a little strange when a friend from home wanted to meet up with us at the coastal shopping mall where we were headed to for dinner – he was on his way past from picking up a friend from the airport. I thought it a little odd and said we could meet up another day. That was the end of the conversation.

When we arrived, my boyfriend suggested we change in the cinema toilets (on the other end of the shopping centre!) because they were cleaner. For once, I fobbed off my OCD and told him it was fine. I changed into nice clothes and came out. He was waiting for me outside and offered to carry my jacket. How chivalrous! I thought.

Unbeknownst to me, the friend was parked at the cinema side with a suspiciously-sized box in his possession. He had to bolt to the other side of the shopping centre to hand the box to my boyfriend. My boyfriend wasn’t being chivalrous at all. He was trying to hide said box in his pocket.


We walked up to the restaurant and he must have given his name for the reservation. At that point, a knowing smile crossed the waitress’ face. She pointed to a table outside but my boyfriend leant forward slightly and said something I couldn’t hear. She showed us inside. At this point, I knew something was going on. But he surely wasn’t going to propose in this average restaurant dressed in jeans?!? She led us to a platform where every table was taken – all except one. I tried not to get my hopes up, but on that lonely table was a beautiful bunch of red roses. My heart started to pound. Was this it??

She was definitely leading us to that table. I put my jacket and handbag down on the covered bench drawing in a breath, not wanting to expect anything.

Then, I turned around to screaming and clapping.

He was ON HIS KNEES with a box open and a stunning ring glinting in the light.

I didn’t hear a word he said because there was so much commotion but I gathered it went something like this…

Will you marry me?

I don’t think I answered, completely shocked! My hand covered my open mouth. I think I nodded. And then I said yes!

He grinned his Cheshire cat grin and wrapped me in a hug. The moment we had been waiting for had come – almost 7 years later.

Suddenly, all I wanted was to be alone with him. I couldn’t eat; I couldn’t think, I couldn’t eat. I was in shock with sheer delight watching my ring sparkle every time it caught the light. He had sweetly charged his phone with a month’s worth of airtime so we could let the world know the happy news!

He said to me later that he had two choices – surprise me or do the romantic proposal I wanted. He knew I’d know it was coming the minute he wore a suit, told me to dress up or take me into a fancy place on his arm. He opted to take me by surprise.

When we arrived home, with a wedding date in mind (!!), Cliff Richard’s Congratulations! blasted through the front door and we enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne with our families.


Our wedding date was scheduled for four months later. The wedding of my dreams was planned. For years, I had known the colours I would choose, the style of my dress and so forth. We went into four months of wedding frenzy and it was just magical!

Shopping for dresses was so much fun! I tried on 30 gowns in one day. I ended up with something so contrary to what I wanted but it was stunning!

And then, FINALLY, the day arrived!

It was pouring with rain and the electricity was out when we woke up. It was frigid despite being the end of March. And my nerves made me nauseous. Thankfully, none of that shows in the pictures and footage. But when my HUSBAND invited me onto the dance floor, it all disappeared and I started to enjoy the day.

We had waited for the day for 7 long years. And the best part of the entire day, was getting into his little VW Golf and driving away to start our lives together as husband and wife. At last!

I’ll never forget the moment of being completely alone with him for the first time with no parents, friends or family in the room next door. For the first time in 7 years, it was just us. We walked into the honeymoon suite, covered in foil confetti from the decorated car and I looked into his eyes as his wife. The beauty of a God-ordained marriage overwhelmed me and I knew that the wait was well worth it.

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