Ros and I connected over Instagram.  With a handle like “This Higgeldy Piggeldy Life,” how could I not notice her?!? We realised we grew up in a similar neighbourhood. Ros’ account brings me so much joy! She documents the raw, real moments of life that we can all relate to such as burning rice and setting oil pots on fire. She also has Daisy the boy bunny who regularly terrorises her plant babies and her dog and provides endless entertainment to her online community. Ros brings some sunshine and hilarity to my day because she makes the everyday seem hysterical!

Here’s a little more about her…


What Job Do You Have?

I am the National Sales and PR Manager for a software development company. They call me the resident fire fighter because when things get hot I cool them down!


Married or Single?

Yes, Matt and I have been married for almost 9 and a half years but started dating when we were 20, 7 years before we tied the knot.



We have 3 children. Jessie is 16, Lucy-Kate is 6 and Oliver is about to turn 5. They bring so much joy, laughter and noise into our lives -we love it!


What is your Comfort Food?

Hmmm… I’m not really much of a comfort eater, but if I had to choose something I’d say chippies. Usually Simba beef or cheddar flavour, but I am also quite partial to the original Pringles.


Drink of choice?

Milo! I also love strawberry juice, and until a recent incident involving too much gin I quite enjoyed that too. (Gin is now dead to me)


Best Mom Moment

Gosh, I’ve been a mother for over 16 years and there have been so many highs! In general though, I think that watching my children achieve something important to them is what moves me the most. Seeing their faces light up with pride when they achieve something tough or complete something that was tricky is my ultimate.

What do you do during “downtime”?

Matt and I enjoy doing things together whether it’s working in the garden, doing some DIY or watching a series (currently Outlander). Family outings  to new and interesting places are also quite high up there.


Ros’ post is Durban Riots

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