Dear Dad,


Or should I call you Mr Fixit? Or Mr Maker? Or Mr Inventive? Or Mr Fun? Or My Pastor? Or My Hero?

Over the last 30+ years of my life, you have worn many hats.


You could fix anything. From Mom’s hairdryer to the toaster. You even fixed my Ken’s head – something I thought was not possible because I’d never met anyone who could do that! And from that day on, I believed you could fix anything! You have a box of broken, sentimental ceramics in your cupboard I gave you to glue. When a plastic trolley broke, you exhausted your options and finally found something that worked. When something breaks, I still think about asking you (and I do!) because you’re bound to come up with a out-of-the-box solution!


You made everything. From birthday cakes to croissants. From Barbie furniture to a Wendy house on stilts. I remember making our own books on holiday. And creating paper maiche masks with Coke bottles from The Fox and the Hound. I loved woodwork days with you in the garage when we got to choose what to make for our Barbies – from car trailers to picnic tables and stables. If all that wasn’t enough, you decided to build and design real houses as a hobby.


You were the master of invention and fun. You invented fun games before Google. You came up with the best party ideas. Like the pirate party where we walked the plank balanced on trestle table stands and threw water balloons at each other from while our team was circled in a rope. Or the Survivor party where we had to cook with a random set of ingredients and build a shelter. You also created fun family activities like recreating a movie theatre at home with a projector (before there were even projectors??) or throwing the dice and letting someone choose what we did for the day. We even made our own magic show on video! You pulled us around on boogie boards on the grass, created train tracks from the top bunk to the floor and made pillars for our sheet tents from a rolled up mattress. You were always creative with cooking and you told us to guess what meat we were eating – the warthog wors was the best! My favourite food invention was Dinosaur Dinners where we could only use our hands to create a dinosaur landscape with blue carrots, mashed potato, broccoli and sausages. There was never a dull moment!


You were also my pastor. I thought you were the best! I used to think that anyone who wasn’t already converted would be once they had heard you preach! I loved that you were so well known and loved in the community. The church was my second home. I respect you and admire you, knowing what you have to put up with and sacrifice in what can be a thankless and unforgiving, around-the-clock job!


You were my hero! You could fix anything, make anything, do anything, invent anything and I believed you could change the world! You rescued this damsel-in-distress daughter of yours many times. From perimeter problems in maths to a mini flood in our flat. You always swooped in to save the day! They say a daughter’s first love is her dad and that is indeed true!


And although this all made you a great dad to have, you showed me the heart of God in the way you treated us. Your were selfless. From sharing your birthday chocolate to sharing your time and resources, you always gave to everyone no matter what the cost. You helped around the house and didn’t expect only Mom to wash the dishes, make the dinner and do the washing. You were always there to help anyone in need. All someone needed to do was ask – you never turned them away. You brought us tea in bed every morning and every night. You were a hands-on dad before it was common – from changing nappies when you had to, bathing us, reading us stories and giving us your time. You listened to the criticism I gave you over the years without becoming defensive. You still acknowledge when you are wrong. You always held us, hugged us and kissed us – and you still do.

You are the reason I understand what it means for God to be a Father – a Dad!


I love you!


Photo Credit: African Bear Photography

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