Yes, ladies, I need a catch up week! I’ve realised some things I’ve forgotten to do. There are many things that I’m aware I’ve not done. Like this past week’s challenge…it’s been a bit of a fail! I haven’t made many changes to the things I’ve chosen to zone in on. Nor did I do anything special for my husband. So this past week’s challenge is one I need to give a lot of attention to.

So, since we are pretty much halfway through, I thought it was useless carrying on if we haven’t mastered certain areas because then we’d just add to a growing list of guilt (at least that would be the case with me)!

Here are some things I have managed to do pretty much every day…

  • Read a proverb
  • Pray
  • Read my Bible
  • Write out my schedule for the day
  • Write out a verse
  • Recorded my progress (for all of you to read!)


Things I’ve kind of done…

  • Written out and read my verse
  • Planned how I’m going to serve others


Things I haven’t done…

  • Written out the Marriage acrostic
  • Sent my mentor the list of things I like help with
  • Found someone to mentor (although I’ve thought of people and chatted to my mentor about it…she did point out that it’s a very busy season for me, especially considering I’m about to have a baby and an operation to bring the baby into this world! So I may hold off on this one for a while.
  • Shown my husband some love
  • Taken out the gems from Titus 2
  • Sort out time bandits and eliminate them
  • Implemented my service to others



Go back and review the past four weeks. Make a list, as I’ve done above, of things that you have managed to do, things you’ve kind of got a handle on and things you haven’t got to. This week, do your best to implement the missing things. And don’t beat yourself up if you’ve only done a few. This is not the ten commandments! It’s an experiment!! 

My Week:

So ladies, the reason I’ve been quiet is because I had my baby this week. And, I have a confession to make… I knew that this would probably be the week I would give birth. So, as for the challenge… Well let’s just say, I still need a catch up week! I finished Proverbs and have managed to read and pray each day but not much more than that!

Stay tuned for more information on #Experiment 31 and to hear all about my eventful week!



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