My Lovely, Happy Birthday!


How blessed I am to have you at my side, guiding me, sticking with me through the good, bad and ugly and getting old(er) with me!

You know that I’m not a letter type of girl. But once I know what to write, I can manage. This year I thought I’d do the cheesy acrostic poem.


B – Bold

You are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You are fearless in sharing your struggles with your pornography addiction. You are courageous and brave. And I am incredibly proud to be the wife of such a manly man!


R – Rooted

You are strongly rooted in God’s Word. A few people have remarked on the skill you have of cross-referencing. It was once said that you made a Bible study leader nervous when you flipped through your Bible while he spoke. A birthday card with a cartoon of your Bible pages looped in several places to keep the references was gifted to you once. I know few people who can refer to the book and sometimes a verse when put on the spot like you can. Your faith has a strong foundation.


E – Extrovert

You thrive off being around others and love social interaction. When we were in varsity, I could hear your laugh from the other side of campus. You have been called “Trevor Noah” for your impressive accents. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re loud and fun-loving. And I love that you get along so well with others!


N – Nobility

You’re proud of your ancestry and roots. You love finding out more about General Louis Botha and aspire to be a man of faith like him. You take great delight in any piece of history or information you can get on him. I don’t know many people who are as proud of their roots as you are!


D – Determined

Once you get an idea in your head, there’s no stopping you! If you want to make something, you make it. If you want to start something, you start it. Break Free was one such idea you had. I honestly thought you were being just a tad ambitious! But here we are, two years later and you have contacts around the globe and connections in high places in South Africa! You are well on your way to becoming registered! Go, you! Praise God for the determination He’s gifted you with!


A – Admirable

You have many qualities that are admirable. You are humble about the sins of your past so that it can help others. You fiercely fight against pornography. You are a good role model to the kids at school – easily relatable, yet fatherly in your approach. You love the Bible and you’re an eager learner, always trying to understand more. You are studious in Biblical studies and Anglo-Boer or Anglo-Zulu history. Once you make up your mind to learn, you get down to it. You can be incredibly objective instead of siding with one or other party no matter your relationship to them. You listen carefully when people are telling you their opinions or problems and process things before you offer advice rather than speak off the cuff (like me). You are an amazing daddy to our precious girls and never shrug any of the hard stuff in caring for them. You take the initiative to change nappies, feed, play with, make tea for, pick up, put down to sleep, etc.  You bow to my whims and requests all the time to hang up the washing, pass me a pen, make me tea, run the bath, etc.  Thank you for all you do for them and for me!


N – Nonsense

You’re full of it! When you get into one of your silly moods, you’re up in my face and so irritating that we end up in hysterics! I love it!


Thank you for being a man I admire, look up to and cherish! May you continue to grow in your passion, knowledge and fervour for the Lord! We are blessed to have you!


Love you, Babe!


Photo Credit: Lauren Oliver Photography


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