I confess that I know very little about Tshepiso. I have followed her on Instagram for a while (as one does) but one day I stumbled across her blog post, 3 Reasons Why Peppa Pig is Banned in our House and I knew this was my kind of mother! Not because I despise Peppa Pig but because she made complete sense and she made a good, thought-through argument! She has two boys, aged 3 and then a baby not yet one. But her mom passed away last year and she suddenly found herself parenting two preteens as well!



What Job Do You Have?

I am a Corporate Communications Officer at WaitrPOS, a company that offers a point of sale system to businesses. I am also working on a Christian clothing brand that I will be introducing soon.


Married or Single?

I have been married to my lovely husband for four years now.



I have two sons whose names both mean “blessed”. We were first blessed with Rofhiwa who is three years old, and last year God decided to bless us with another son, Rotondwa who is seven months old.


What is your Comfort Food?

My husband says I have seasons when it comes to comfort food, but I think I will go with Pizza and a Bar-one.


Drink of choice?

I have two drinks of choice, Coke with meals and Coffee in the evenings.


Best Mom Moment

My best mom moment has to be the first few moments after giving birth to my beautiful sons.


Funniest thing you’ve heard a child say

Rofhiwa always has us in stitches, but I think the most recent one that had the family WhatsApp group laughing, was when he said that the house was peeing. Water was leaking from a pipe in the roof after our geyser burst, and it looked like our house was a little boy peeing.

What do you do during “downtime”?

In my downtime, I would listen to a podcast or watch a motivational video until I fall asleep.


Tshepiso’s upcoming post is Raising Bonus Kids

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