I came across Kabelo’s account when Black Lives Matter was trending on Instagram earlier this year (after the death of George Floyd) and then subsequently amongst the mom blogging community. I was struck by her honest and challenging posts that despite saying what needed to be said, had such a humility and godliness within the words she spoke. She could have shown anger, bitterness and resentment but instead, she chose to speak gently about this sensitive topic and with the love of Jesus resonating. And it stood out. She still challenged me, as a white South African, to think about racism yet it was done the way I believe Jesus would have addressed it. She is one special, godly and wise lady! And her upcoming post is a refreshing and insightful. Here’s a bit about the lady who wrote it.


What Job Do You Have?

I’m a Stay at/Work from home mom. I’m a qualified broadcast media practitioner and I own a beauty services business.


Married or Single?

I’ve been married to my husband, Matthew, for two years (and one month tomorrow)



I have a 9 month old girl.


What is your Comfort Food?

I’m a sucker for Italian cuisine. So give me a decadent pasta dish or a really close to authentic pizza, any day!


Drink of choice?

My drink of choice would have to be a toss up between Milo and a Dirty Chai Latte.


Best Mom Moment

Seeing my daughter crawl for the first time was one of my best mom moments.


Funniest thing you’ve heard a child say

She can’t talk yet, haha, but her babbling is quite entertaining.

What do you do during “downtime”?

I enjoy watching Korean Dramas during downtime. Sometimes instead of watching, I’ll do my Korean Lessons via Rosetta Stone..


Kabelo’s upcoming post is Quiet Times with Children

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