Amy has shared my room, shared my toys and shared my life. We also happen to share parents. I have many fond memories of washing dolls’ clothes in the baby bath outside and ironing them with a rolling pin; riding bikes up and down the driveway while we brainstormed what to do next and many, many hours of Barbie shops and dolls in the Wendy house. Like many siblings, we had our differences (many of them!) and, in fact, couldn’t be more different. We share a love for Disney and musicals, singing and story-writing. And, despite the fights and tears we have caused each other, we’d choose no one else to have had a childhood with. Meet my sister…


What Job Do You Have?

I am a full-time PhD student, part-time admin assistant (read, office skivvy).


Married or Single?




Nope, but I have three goddaughters, (and an unofficial fairy goddaughter), who are all fantastic girls.


What is your Comfort Food?

Most things with a lot of cheese: crackers, macaroni, pizza. But, really, just tomato soup.


Drink of choice?

I’m a hopeless tea-pot.


Best Aunt Moment

When the oldest niece learned to say my name for the first time. Have enjoyed teaching them to say ‘Narnia’ and ‘hobbit’ too. Thereafter, anything that makes either of them laugh. Especially when I can be the one to do it.


Funniest thing you’ve heard a child say

“High five!” (said in enthusiastic response to a picture of baby Jesus with arms outstretched)

What do you do during “downtime”?

Switch on the kettle.


Amy’s upcoming post is “Singleness and Church”.

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