To my Jabe,


I can’t believe that it was a year ago that the gynae decided to take you out. We had the option of the very same afternoon but chose the next day to meet you. We were up early and ready and prepped at the hospital before 6am. When you were born, you came out with lots of dark hair, not only on your head but all over your back and ears. Your tiny body was bright red for days. I just loved the first 72 hours with you in hospital, cuddling you close to my chest. There were times were I slept with you on me just because I loved snuggling with you.

This day has come far too quickly! Every mother thinks that as their baby’s first birthday approaches. But I honestly feel that I’ve only really had six months with you. I was so wrapped up in my own problems that the first six months of your life were a blur. But the last six have been so special!


You are one of the happiest, smiliest babies I know! Each morning you chatter away to yourself in your cot before I come to fetch you each morning. When you see me, your eyes sparkle, you flap your arms in excitement and let out a delighted squawk from behind your dummy. When I pick you up and you hear your sister coming into your room, you twist and wriggle in my arms, your head darting from side to side as you look for her with squeals of joy.


YouĀ adoreĀ your sister except when she tries to pick you up, hug you, pull you onto her or make you touch “feely” books. You don’t fancy that! But when she squawks like a parrot, blows on your foot, makes funny noises or spits (she thinks she can get away with it because you think she’s funny) you laugh hysterically! One of your favourite games is for daddy to hold you as the two of you chase her around upstairs. You pump your legs and flap your arms shrieking in delight! You love reading alongside her and peering over her shoulder as she reads books to you. There will be many more times in your childhood years that I will peek around the door to watch the two of you play and cherish those moments in my heart!


Your first word at 9 months was a version of your sister’s name which you refuse to say now. You say “hi” and a mixture of “bye” and “dada” when you wave your hand – looking very pleased with yourself. You say “tittittit” on repeat as you crawl, unsuccessfully, to touch the kitty before he moves away. You were delighted when you signed “All Done!” and I praised you in a high-pitched voice. “Dadadatatat” is something you ramble when you’re content as you lie on your back and grasp at your feet. When you’re hungry, tired, upset or feeling sorry for yourself, you moan “mum-mum-mum”. That’s when only I will do!


You can point to things and say “Dat” which I would like to think means “that” even though you don’t do it too often. Just yesterday, you took a keen interest in the photos behind the armchair I feed you in and grinned mischievously at the pictures and pointed – “dat” instead of drinking. When I lifted you upright and stood so that you could see them, I was delighted when you said “dada” upon seeing your daddy in the photos.


You love your rabbit comfort toy and, sometimes when you’re tired, you fall face down onto him on the floor. Alternatively, you’ll crawl around with him hanging from your mouth.


My goodness, do you get hangry! It’s taken some getting used to because your sisterĀ never ate.Ā You on the other hand…

You love all food but have a preference for grapes and butternut. You scream when food is in sight and you haven’t got it in your mouth. You are immediately calm once you’re chomping on something.

My goodness, you are difficult to breastfeed! You get so distracted and prop yourself up on my tummy the moment your sister speaks or you hearĀ any sound! You regularly turn away and are incensed if I dare think you’re done! You love lying on your back gargling the milk in your mouth. Funny thing!


You are a good sleeper and have made up good and well for those first three months of bad sleeping! In the first three months, IĀ could.notĀ put you down! You always woke up and screamed, so much so that it just wasn’t worth trying. I carried you in the Noonoopie for 3 months from 7am until 6pm. Daddy would relieve me until 10pm when we finally could settle you in your crib. Even then, that didn’t always work and we often, despite my vows that I never would, co-slept just so we could all get some rest. At 3 months, I could put you down for one nap (even though it only lasted half an hour) a day.

Then, at six months, we could suddenly put you down for every nap and shortly after, you dropped all night feeds and slept soundly until 6am the next morning! It was magic! I got more sleep than Daddy who was still getting up for your sister! (He only found out about that a few weeks ago – I thought he knew!)


You are a cheerful, little sausage and your smile makes many people’s day! They often remark how happy and content you are as you grin at them when they greet you or play contentedly on the floor.


My babe, I’m sorry that you have often been plonked on the floor so that I can do things. I do a lot more than I probably should and don’t spend as much time with you as I should. But I’m also sorry that I didn’t cherish you in the first few months. I cannot believe it’s your birthday because I missed so much in the beginning. I was trying to survive and, in the process, didn’t have patience and love you as I should have. I’m sorry!


My little Jabe, you have brought such joy to my life! You are such a happy little bub and IĀ adoreĀ watching you and your sister play together! I am so glad you have each other! I love hearing your deep belly giggle when I “munch” your neck or tickle your chest. I love your little dolphin-like “crrr” sounds when you are delighted with life.


I pray that you will choose Jesus above all else, no matter what comes your way. I know that there will be times in your life that you will be closer to Him than others but I pray that, nonetheless, you will stand steadfast in the faith. I pray that you will be a firm ambassador for Him and show, by your words and deeds that you love Him and, in doing so, that you display His love to others.


Happy 1st Birthday, my Darling!


I love you!


Love Mommy

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